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I will be on Expression Engine Conference in Manchester 16-17 May

Opportunity was not to lose and in fact I got the ticket in February, but only now published a post about it.
The ExpressionEngine Conference will be held in Manchester on 16 and 17 May, on paper promises a very interesting event and well organized.
the first day, the conference itself, will involve backend and frontend developer, developers of addons and ExpressionEngine guru.
The second day of the workshop, held by Lodewijk Schutte (Low). A whole day dedicated to the development of advanced addons.
The sponsors of the event are now widely known in the community of ExpressionEngine: Focus Lab, EngineHosting, Hippo and Solspace.

I'll be there! And you?
I leave Rome on May 15.
For those who will not be attending the conference will try to report live on the blog and on twitter!
See you soon!

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