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Yahoo Weather for ExpressionEngine

Use your personalized icons in to weather forecast

This plugin allows you to display current weather conditions, and forecast for the next day in a particular city. The weather conditions are provided using the weather information from Yahoo Weather. It's possible to use custom icons.


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Google Plus SSO - Single Sign On

Use native ExpressionEngine Members capabilities on yours G+ users

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Metor for Transcribe

Metor allows you to easily see the language associated with each entry.
Require EE Harbor Transcribe 1.5 and and ExpressionEngine 2.5.2.

This addons in addition to install a module, requires to patch one ExpressionEngine files:

  • system/expressionengine/controllers/cp/content_edit.php

and to add metor_transcribe.php to:

  • system/expressionengine/models/metor_transcribe.php

Instruction how to apply patch is included in zip file.


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CP Pages

CP Pages allows you to show web pages in your ExpressionEngine Control Panel. Useful to show in control panel yours custom EE template or and admin page from a legacy CMS.

CP Pages consists of an ExpressionEngine Accessory and a Module.
With CP Pages you can simplify administration of old legacy CMS through ExpressionEngine Control Panel.

Create Tabs in CP Pages Accessory
Manage Tabs (edit, delete, reorder)
Create Pages in CP Pages Accessory
Assign page to Tab
Manage Pages(edit, delete, reorder, associate to Tabs)

CP Pages works with Ellislab MSM

Intro to CP Pages (youtube)


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Language Pack

Italian Language Pack

Full professional translation for your ExpressionEngine control panel


Italian language pack for ExpressionEngine is the complete translation for ExpressionEngine 2 control panel.

Finally is now available for your customers all over the control panel completely translated into Italian.
The language pack consists of 53 language files. More than 2000 words and phrases! Translation, editing and revision took about 130 hours of work.

Special attention was given to the "native" Expression Engine terms In fact, some of the terms have not been translated.
For example: Template, Plugins, Design, Snippets.

Italian language pack for ExpressionEngine includes a full support for the Multiple Site Manager for ExpressionEngine 2.
Italian language pack for ExpressionEngine is available in two different license.
The license "Single Installation" allows the installation and use of Italian language pack for ExpressionEngine on a single installation of ExpressionEngine.
The license "Web Agency" allows the installation and use of Italian language pack for ExpressionEngine up to 10 ExpressionEngine installations managed by the same web agency or software house.

Buy now! You will receive within a few hours at the PayPal email address, an attachment in zip format containing the software and instructions for installation.

Buy on 25hweb - €99.00 - Single installationBuy on 25hweb - €199.00 - Web Agency

Buy on Devot-ee - $129 - Single Installation

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